Building a 3 Ball Arsenal | 2 Different Ways – #RadicalRundown

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We're back with a brand new #RadicalRundown!

Phil talks through 2 different scenarios of 3 ball arsenals based on what you might bowl on or if you're more speed dominant. Also, don't forget your spare ball!

What's been your best 3 ball arsenal? Let us know in the comments below.

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20 Comments on “Building a 3 Ball Arsenal | 2 Different Ways – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Awesome. I need to add the Sneak Attack to my bag… Hopefully before league. My Outer Limits is my go to… Such great lane reaction. Love it!

  2. In the first group, if the 3 were all drilled with the same layout, about how many boards difference between each? And would that be a wise choice, to keep it simple, or use different layouts based on ball strength. Assuming just a typical medium oil house shot. Appreciate the input.

  3. Outer Limits, Bigfoot Hybrid drilled for less hook, Cuda Powercor pearl, spare ball. I will sub the outer limits with a Legion solid if the house hooks a lot.

  4. My current 3 ball arsenal is the Trailblazer solid short pin, original Sneak Attack, and Black Widow 2.0 Hybrid. I always start with the TB then either transition to the widow or sneak attack depending on how the lanes are playing. I typically finish my nights with the sneak attack.

  5. Radical (and really every brand) should really be creating comparison charts that show cover/core strength comparisons so that you can quickly look at one formula and determine where it lands in the range.

  6. Currently still throwing C300 Savage, then Nova drilled late or Phaze4 drilled smooth. BW Assassin as spare ball.

    About to add a Brutal Collision, Legion Solid, and Fate.

  7. My arsenal is all retired balls: Informer with the midlane hook (D) layout; Trailblazer with the versatile (B) layout; and a Conspiracy Theory with the short pin layout (E). I like the Conspiracy Theory the best and Trailblazer the least of these three.

  8. 2nd arsenal would be my 3 ball Radical Lineup. Outer Limits is amazing. And more people need to give the Innovator love. Ball is fantastic.

  9. Have a Trail Blazer Hybrid layed out & in the shop waiting for drilling. It will join the Slant Pearl; which is a great house shot league ball.

  10. would love if Bruns would make a cover formula strength chart. Makes purchasing equipment easier since most us can’t throw every release to see w our own eyes which is stronger/weaker.

  11. Black Widow Hybrid, Radical Resuits & Results+ (same pin down layout on both balls) & Track Tundra Fire

  12. I bowl on wore out wood lanes, oil soaks threw the space between the boards. Oh what fun to figure out an arsenal that works. Pandemonium worked until loose nail or something beat it to pieces in the back. Purple hammer not to bad but can’t use it now (2016) ball. I am looking at the crypto boom.

  13. My current 3 ball arsenal for my main house (wood lanes) is Trail Blazer Solid pin down, Intel Solid and Trail Blazer Hybrid. I will swap out the Trail Blazer Hybrid with either the Squatch Hybrid or Ludicrous Solid depending on how the lanes have been playing.

    I bowled at another house with synthetic lanes over the winter and my 3 ball arsenal was Trail Blazer Hybrid, Squatch Hybrid and Intel Solid (although I rarely pulled the Intel out of the bag).

  14. Katana Strike,Katana Assault, Rattler , Crypto Boom complete sold out to Radical and wow I’m in love ! Shhhhh , I still use the Phase II for obvious reasons to those who know.

  15. My current arsenal is Sneak Attack Solid, Crypto Boom, and the BigFoot Hybrid, sometimes I switch out the BigFoot Hybrid for my Innovator it depends.

  16. Great video Phil! I do a similar type of combination with just 3 balls. I use my first ball as a dual purpose sport/heavy in the Crux Prime. The ball down is a Global Zen. They both have similar back end and torque, but the length is quite different. Then adjusting further with surface lets me play really deep with the Zen where the Crux Prime starts to puke and stand up too early. If there is too much carry down, the Crux Prime handles it with ease. If the lanes are really burnt up, then I can start moving back straighter and increase the speed with the added length on the Zen. Quite a handy 1-2 punch. Third ball is a polished plastic ball of course for spares. I’m sure I could even sub out the spare ball for a third look in urethane, either Purple Hammer or Fast Pitch. You can do a lot with three balls if you plan it right.

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