Brunswick Summer Releases 2021!

Chris Beans breaks down the Zenith Hybrid, Stellar, Melee Jab Midnight Blue and Crown Jewel! All 4 new releases recently announced from Brunswick bowling! Full specs and commentary!

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18 Comments on “Brunswick Summer Releases 2021!”

  1. Hi Chris — Have a Prism Solid and a Squatch solid. Was looking to add a Prism Hybrid hopefully play in the middle of the 2. Would you recommend the Zenith hybrid instead? All my equipment is 16 lb.

  2. Gotta mention that the Crown Jewel is going in the same direction as the Blue Dot remake, being a harder polyester meant to go straighter than a conventional polyester ball. So it’s not just A polyester ball.

    1. @Bowlers Rant Haven’t seen the sheet, but on the website they already state that it’s a harder spare ball

    1. No. Blood red is savvy hook 2.0. Midnight blue is the upgrade, savvy hook 3.0. Means more additives and better fine tuning. Means more strikes 😎

    1. Redoing this reply since I didn’t have coffee earlier. Uppercut had particle on it, Jabs do not. So the cover formula is a bit different even though they are both pearl ✌️

  3. The Melee jab midnight blue looks to be a knockout pearl. The pearl version of the same cover.

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