Brunswick Melee Jab Midnight Blue Ball Review By Luis Napoles | MUST HAVE!

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To say this ball surprised me in a GOOD way was an absolute understatement! I hope you like this new look on the fresh and the burn!

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5 Comments on “Brunswick Melee Jab Midnight Blue Ball Review By Luis Napoles | MUST HAVE!”

  1. I’m someone who shows Brand loyalty and will only throw Storm/Roto/Global but it did look good! Ball you should check out is the Idol Synergy from Roto Grip… just got mine and that thing is a beast.

  2. The jab line is really good. That ball gets more angular the more games you get on it. I threw the previous two versions. It will come back from anywhere. Brunswick just doesn’t market very well. I have a zen currently and that’s not a bad comparison. They are similar. Either will get back to the pocket

  3. Great video Lou! You look really comfortable playing in with the Jab. I think you’re correct that it goes along side the Zen in your bag. Shapes more and gives you great versatility with both. Continued success man!

  4. Is it just me, or are some of the 4K videos being uploaded across Youtube film-grainy? I check out some older 4K demo videos, or videos and they’re fine, but Luis yours, and Jays2Cents are grainy lately. I tried multiple browsers, and different computers. Anyway, good looking ball!

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