Brunswick EVO quantum Hybrid | Full Uncut Review

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24 Comments on “Brunswick EVO quantum Hybrid | Full Uncut Review”

    1. I know right the layout can change the way the ball move just because the shape of the core inside and he needs to lay it out so that it does what it’s supposed to if you lay it out wrong the ball’s not going to have good reaction no matter what ball it is

    2. Please explain the first number (25) of the layout. I have seen Luke Rosdahl (sp?) use 45 and another guy use 105.

    3. @Mike Wrobel duel angle layout devised by Mo Pinel. its the angle from the VAL line.. lower the number the shorter the skid phase, or the sooner it tries to get in the hook phase.. Lower numbers TEND to be better for higher speed bowlers as they need the ball to transition faster. sometimes.. oil pattern.. lane topography play into it also

    4. @Jerry Alexander just watched another vid with Hupe… it looks like a beast on house and longer sport. couldnt tell what the layout is tho.. or i skipped that part of the vid

    5. all this said… I love Jr’s reviews.. great guy and really good content.. Trying to get my wife to let me bowl the Bowler X event labor day weekend in Ohio..

  1. Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthhh.Online Brünette und eine anderec Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde

    1. It’ll just burn up even more. It looks like it needs oil to get through the fronts. The first shot he threw once he got it in the oil a bit looked great

  2. I watch pba mitch from jr pro shop throw this ball and he likes it but their in Canada and don’t know how the lines r in Canada

  3. You should have tried lowering the ball speed to see the difference in the pickup at the breakpoint probably would have taken out the ten pin

    1. slowing the ball speed with that drilling would only make it worse.. as it is, its already trying to hook to early.. needed to throw it harder to negate that drill angle… at least in my honest not a pro opinion

  4. Wow, this ball is extremely early and strong and is just burning up off your hand.
    I think the early layout you have on it just exasperates this.
    Just not for house shots unless you shine it up or put a different layout on it.
    But I bet it will excel on sport shots since it did much better when you went straight up through the oil.

  5. Honestly, almost every ball looks identical to me going down the lane on any review from anyone this is actually the first one I’ve seen that looks bad lol. I wish there was more of a straight forward answer for what ball would be good for what type of style and lane condition. I only have one ball, that I use, the venom coral blue and it works great for me just not in fresh heavy oil my first game of league is always my worst sometimes by far once the transition starts it flips a switch and the ball starts working lol. I’m looking for another ball I’m thinking a strong solid ball anyone have any suggestions? I’m really liking the way the new hammer envy looks

  6. That’s why i like your reviews, , you are honest and say your real opinion about the Bowling balls.

  7. This is how I felt about all the Melee Jabs recently. Had 2 SE’s and no matter what surface I tried it just never really matched up and looked good for me. Which is a bummer because my teammate has most of them and they all roll amazing for him. I was hoping for the same but they just don’t for me.

  8. Makes me wonder how it would roll with more of a 70 by 4.5 by 30 layout. But you made a comment about where it fits in your bag and I was wondering more like “if” it fits in your bag. Another thing…is that curious if it is something with the lanes as this is now 2 straight reviews where the ball didnt look/roll good for you.

  9. Wonder how this compares with the Polaris Hybrid. JR really liked that ball when he reviewed it. I got a Polaris Hybrid and pro shop guy that drilled it said it was real soft while drilling. The JR Pro shop vid mentioned the same thing about the Quantum Hybrid.

    Not that happy with the Polaris Hybrid, I find it early and rolly but I’m a straight up, lower rev thrower. Pin up with mass bias right next to the thumb. Pro Shop guy messed up the drilling on the Polaris and had to plug one of the holes so he sold it to me for $100, he forgot I was a lefty, so not a big loss. I also picked up a Reality Check around the same time which is working out great for me.

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