Boys vs Girls Baker Doubles!

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Todays video Chris and I will bowl a Baker doubles match vs The @dynamicduokrystaalyssa Let us know how you think will win this one!

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46 Comments on “Boys vs Girls Baker Doubles!”

  1. I have never seen you struggle with the goat Phaze 2 congratulations to the ladies and better look next time happy holidays to you and the family and the crew that helps with the videos be safe and be blessed

    1. @Luis Napoles there is an overseas ball call the axiom prime it is an axiom with the phaze 2 cover stock if you can please do a review against the phaze 2 .

  2. for a rev dominant bowler looking for a step up from the hy road pearl, would you recommend a phaze II or an !Q tour solid?

  3. I met the guy last night that holds my county’s “Most Consecutive All-Spare Games” title… He had 45 all-spare games in a row!!! That’s insane

  4. On advice I can give krysta is she doesn’t have a lot of rev rate like Chris to get the carry that y it never hooks or comes back for her and goes light in the packet

  5. You should have another camera on the score and have that in the corner of the screen. Just a suggestion. Keep up the great content!!

  6. Dynamic Duo reigns supreme!!!
    Krysta—take the pro tip…when you have the ball in your hands…your ears don’t work. Can’t get into your head when you slam the door shut!!! No one rents space for free!!!
    Although Alyssa and Luis have that wicked trash talk chemistry…entertaining.

  7. Luis, love your videos, you always seem to “SPICE UP” your performance. But I’m pulling for the Ladies this time. Good Luck LADIES !!

  8. Awesome win ladies, awesome. Love video. Love 12:41.

    Her strike, that’s for the crap talk you gave her. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    So funny

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