Storm Virtual Energy Blackout Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

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Check out Tony Ruocco and Kevin Kinslow testing Storm's Virtual Energy Blackout!

Storm is happy to announce the revival of the Virtual line with Virtual Energy Blackout!

With this new revival comes something old and familiar- the Shape-Lock HD asymmetric core. Inside the Virtual Energy Blackout, the Shape-Lock HD core will help create a sharp, angular backend read for more style bowlers.

Wrapped in the ReX Pearl reactive coverstock and finished with Reacta Gloss, today's lane conditions are no match for the Virtual Energy Blackout.
Here's what Storm has to say about Virtual Energy Blackout:
The Virtual Energy Blackout builds on an already concrete foundation created by the Shape-Lock HD Core. But now, and sleeker than ever, the Blackout has taken the reigns with a tour-inspired 1-tone design. The shape you didn’t know you needed until it was gone is back!

Intro: 00:00-00:21
Tony Ruocco (1-Handed): 00:22-01:07
Kevin Kinslow (2-Handed): 01:08-01:54
Credits: 01:55-02:14 - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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2 Comments on “ Storm Virtual Energy Blackout Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. I haven’t seen a video popup in my youtube feed from you guys in a long time. This is good, the ball looks amazing and very angular. Thanks

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