Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

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Check out Tony Ruocco (Yes! Tony is back!), Mike Seymour and Kevin Kinslow testing the new Storm Proton Physix!

Let's get PhysiXal… Meet the Proton Physix from Storm Bowling.

As a follow up to the wildly popular Physix and AstroPhysix, it's no surprise that Storm Bowling HAD to release another piece in this line. Featuring the Atomic asymmetric core with strategically placed inlets, this allows the ball produce great amounts of power and movement where you need it.

Wrapped in the NeX Solid reactive coverstock and finished at 2000-Grit Abralon, the Proton Physix will tackle heavy oil better than either of the other Physix in the line. This NeX (Nano Extreme) is Storm's earliest rolling cover currently. Expect even more midlane read without having to sacrifice backend reaction. Any way you look at this ball, it's positively a piece that you'll make room for in your bag. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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14 Comments on “ Storm Proton Physix Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. My pro shop guy who lets me get early releases just drilled me up one, and you guys weren’t kidding this ball is ABSURDLY strong. The Halo WAS the strongest ball in my bag (and ironically looks like it lol). There’s no way I can use this ball during my shorter pattern sport shot league. This will be strictly for longer patterns in general for me during tournament etc. Ball hits like it was shot out of a cannon carry is ridiculously good and great continuation through the pins. I’m also looking forward to your guys Black Widow 2.0 review.

    1. Kind of jealous, I feel like 80% of the time here in IN I pretty much bowl on lakes. I’m lower rev and higher speed and even after scuffing my Parallax I still pretty much play straight down and in.

    2. @Almighty The Rabite I wish we could switch. I’m low 400s rpm and 16-17 mph strike ball speed. I’m starting league standing on the 30 board. There was a time where I could bowl up the 10 board. :/

    3. @TraumaER haha damn. Yeah when I play one handed I end up between 18.5-20mph and I *might* have 250rpm. Two-handed I’m around 16mph and probably closer to 400rpm but accuracy suffers.

    4. @Almighty The Rabite well it’s not about having high rpm or high ball speed. For every ball speed, there is a preferred rev rate in order for the ball to react on a given lane condition. If you want to improve rev rate, you might have to first get your ball fit checked. That’s the #1 factor and why many people can’t achieve high rev rates. The thumb can’t be too tight or too lose. The time duration between the thumb coming out and the fingers plays a big part in rev rate.

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