Storm Night Road Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

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Check out Tony Ruocco & Kevin Kinslow taking a test drive on the Night Road from Storm!

Use caution: Dangerous curves ahead with the Night Road by Storm.

After everything that 2022 threw at Storm Bowling, they've weathered the "storm" and are proud to add a new piece to the Storm Nation favorite Road line, the Night Road. Inside the Night Road is the ever-reliable Inverted Fe² symmetric core. Previously found in the Hy-Road series, this weight block allows more torque and cleaner shape through the fronts.

Wrapped in the ReX Pearl reactive coverstock and finished with 4K Fast factory finish, you can expect an earlier midlane read than the Hy-Road Pearl but a strong backend finish. - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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One Comment on “ Storm Night Road Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. Hey bowlers! This video is a bit different than our usual ones for a few reasons:

    #1 – Normally, we showcase three strikes with TWO different views (low view/high view). In this video, each strike is a different shot, so SIX total strike shots!

    #2 – We heard your feedback on our last batch of videos about this new location being too dark. We did our best to brighten up these shots in post-production. Please let us know if these are better!

    3#- At the end of each “slow-mo” shot for both bowlers, we’ve zoomed into the pin deck so you can see the ball/pin action closer. We’d love your thoughts on this too please!

    Thank you guys! We truly read every comment and want to make our videos better for everyone. 🙂

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