Storm Hy-Road Max Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Tony Ruocco, Kevin Kinslow and Curlie Becton (Yes! Curlie is back!) testing the newest Hy-Road from Storm, the Hy-Road Max!

This ball needs no introduction… The Hy-Road Max is here.

Arguably one of the most versatile lines from Storm Bowling has been revitalized in the Hy-Road Max. This ball features the Inverted Fe2 symmetric core, as seen previously in the line. You can expect the same high energy with less deflection on the pin deck, all thanks to this larger sized core.

On the outside, the NeX (Nano Extreme) solid reactive coverstock finished at 3000-grit Abralon provides an earlier/stronger midlane read and continuous backend reaction on a variety of patterns. Don't let that nameplate fool you…This ball takes performance to the MAX.

14 Comments on “ Storm Hy-Road Max Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

    1. I haven’t thrown the ball but knowing that NEX is a stronger blend of Nano the Hyroad Max should be earlier and smoother than the Hyroad Nano with more continuation on the backend.

  1. Curly has the best look with this ball, I didn’t think Storm could make a ball labor this much on a house shot.

    1. Yeah I’m gonna have to punch this pin down and change the surface if it looks this terrible already. I had high Hopes guess well see what happens

  2. Threw this thing in a demo today, looked a whole lot better than on this video. One shot with this ball and I moved toward the friction and used a rolly hand position, just went up the lane and it pretty much struck every time I got close. I could even hook it a little if I needed to. this ball is sneaky good, for lefties anyway.

  3. all my buddies getting this ball. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the hyroad line and this ball doesn’t look to be an exception to that. It hits like trash from what ive seen

    1. Same. Never was a fan either of the Hyroad series. Something about that core that just does not match up well with me. Every review video I watch on this thing now, this ball looks like it has a ton of deflection. Unless this ball is hyper sensitive to hand position, layout or surface changes, it looks weak as hell when it hits the pins. Not even going to try it. Now I’m even happier I went with an Idol Synergy instead that ball is money.

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