Storm Fast Pitch Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Kevin Kinslow and Mike Seymour testing the Fast Pitch from Storm!

Fast track your road to success with the Fast Pitch from Storm Bowling!

Another new and exciting ball has been added to the popular "Pitch" line from Storm; Meet the Fast Pitch. Featuring the Controll XL solid urethane cover and finished at 1000-grit Abralon, this ball is the perfect match for early read and entry angle. Versatility at it's finest…

Inside, the Tour symmetric core will provide that iconic smooth , consistent roll that urethane balls are know for. Reading the lanes on shorter patterns comes easy with the Fast Pitch.

4 Comments on “ Storm Fast Pitch Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. Don’t want to hear the voice over? We got you covered! Here are Kevin & Mike’s reviews:

    Kevin K: “Kevin used a pretty standard pin up layout on his new Fast Pitch. This layout has been used on previous urethane releases for him and provides him with a good benchmark reaction.

    As we have seen in previous releases, the urethane and symmetric core combination allows Kevin to play much further right than usual – opening up incredible angles to the pocket. Even with his higher rev release, the Fast Pitch keeps him around the third arrow and he can create plenty of room off the dry area to the right.

    Kevin did see a slightly earlier motion from the Fast Pitch when compared to other urethanes but that allowed him to keep his speed up and know he was going to get the motion he wanted throughout the lane.

    Mike S.: “Mike stayed with a slightly stronger layout on the Fast Pitch. With his lower ball speed and rev rate this will assist him in getting this urethane symmetric to read the pattern better.

    As you can see Mike was able to move even further out on the pattern to allow the Fast Pitch to give him a smooth controllable ball motion from start to finish. He saw the earlier roll a bit more than Kevin since he was closer to the dry area of the lane but the Fast Pitch didn’t over read the friction and allowed him to keep the ball on line all the way to the pins.

    For players like Mike the Fast Pitch fits in perfect when the pattern starts to break down or on shorter patterns.

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