Storm Axiom Pearl Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Kevin Kinslow & Mike Seymour test the new Axiom Pearl!

Opportunity awaits with the Axiom Pearl from Storm Bowling…

As a follow up to the successful Axiom, the Axiom Pearl features the Orbital symmetric core. This core allows the ball to rev up quickly in the mids without sacrificing any motion on the backend.

Around the outside, the NeX Pearl reactive coverstock, finished at 1500-grit and polished, will provide superior control and smooth transitions when you need it. The Orbital core and the NeX Pearl cover together have chemistry on the lanes never seen before from a pearl reactive ball…

9 Comments on “ Storm Axiom Pearl Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. Don’t want to hear the voice-over? We’ve got you covered! Here are Kevin’s and Mike’s reviews:

    Kevin K.: “Kevin used one of his “go-to” pin up layouts on this symmetric pearl Axiom Pearl.

    Just as described by Storm, the Axiom Pearl gave him a super clean look through the heads and the mids with an extremely strong motion off the breakpoint. For a high ball speed, high rev player this ball motion is ideal. Knowing that he could get this ball back from virtually any spot downlane allowed him to transition in deeper with the pattern and get an absolutely devastating ball motion.

    Mike S.: “Mike used a fairly strong 4” x 4” x 2” layout on his Axiom Pearl.

    For Mike you can see he is still able to play the pattern from a slightly deeper angle due to the strong backend motion. Playing right around the third arrow allowed Mike to use his softer ball speed and create plenty of room with the Axiom Pearl.

    For most bowlers this ball motion will allow them to create great angles of entry and increase carry percentage.

    1. The voice over is good for getting better insights on the ball, but if possible, may I respectfully suggest having the person who’s throwing the ball at that particular point in the video do the voice over? Also, maybe throw a couple of more shots for each tester? You could also do a splice of the different bowlers at the end for a recap comparison too or something maybe.

  2. Thanks for the video, i like how smooth the ball is. Do any of your guys throw with 2 fingers?
    Side note* I do not like the robotic voiceover though, takes away from the video.

  3. Dislike the voiceover being robotic,would rather it be one of you guys

    Don’t care for what your voice sounds like but the machine is discombobulating

    1. 100% agree with this. I’d rather hear background music and just read the review text at the bottom or something if you don’t want to record a proper voiceover.

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