Roto Grip RST X-1 Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Tony Ruocco (YES! Tony is back!), Mike Seymour and Kevin Kinslow testing the new RST X-1 from Roto Grip!

A new spin on an old classic – The RST X-1 from Roto Grip is here.

Roto Grip took inspiration from their 1950's roots to produce a ball with today's technology that can stand the test of time. The newly designed RST asymmetric core will produce a clean, consistent reaction and smooth continuation downlane.

Wrapped around the outside, the MicroTrax Hybrid reactive coverstock finished at 3000-grit Abralon will handle medium-heavy lane conditions with grace. It's versatile responsiveness will make this a great staple piece for any different style bowlers.

10 Comments on “ Roto Grip RST X-1 Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

    1. The robot is a really nice guy and he means well. We’ll have a chat with him about developing more personality though 🙂

  1. “Every shot was flush and exited the deck through the 8 pin”

    Immediately shows a shot of the ball deflecting and exiting through the 9 pin 🤣

  2. What is Kevin’s rev rate in terms of rpms because he has one of the most insane ball motions out of any bowler i seen very amazing

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