Roto Grip Duo Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

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Check out Tony Ruocco & Kevin Kinslow testing the Roto Grip Duo!

Add some dynamic power to your game with Roto Grip Duo!

Roto Grip is proud to introduce a special collaboration between the "Shafanie Duo"; Roto Grip PWBA staffers Shannon O'Keefe and Stefanie Johnson, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Roto Grip has pledged to donate 5% of the sales to domestic distributors to aid the development and support of children within the program.

The appropriately named Mentor symmetric core will create a controllable motion midlane and offers plenty of forgiveness in the backend. Wrapped in the MicroTrax Pearl reactive coverstock, finished with Reacta Gloss, Duo will positively handle medium to heavy lane conditions with ease.
Here's what Roto Grip has to say about Duo:
Dynamic power to the core, the symmetrical Mentor™ Core was built to produce plenty of positive midlane motion, while also providing a generous amount of recovery and room for error down lane where you need it most.

Intro: 00:00-00:20
Tony Ruocco (1-Handed): 00:21-01:19
Kevin Kinslow (2-Handed): 01:20-02:15
True Left-Handed Shot: 02:16-02:30
Credits: 02:31-02:49 - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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3 Comments on “ Roto Grip Duo Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. Trying out something new here again, bowlers! We’ve heard your request for a true leftie – not just mirrored video. Check out Kevin throwing a true left-handed shot at the end of the video! Let us know what you think!

  2. Hits like crap!
    Too much skid flip and uncontrollable. Maybe good for the straighter
    rev challenged bowlers.
    Reminds me of the timeless by storm.
    Core is too fat.

  3. When are you going to do other brands?? I’m sure Brunswick, DV8, Motiv, Track, etc have new balls out that need reviews

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