Hammer Web M.B. Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Tony Ruocco & Kevin Kinslow test the new Hammer Web M.B.!

**What do you think of our NEW VOICEOVER?**

Entangle your opponents with the Web M.B. from Hammer!

The Web line has brought some serious "solid" pieces to bowlers alike for a while now… And this Web M.B. (Mass Bias) is no different. The Semtex NE Pearl reactive coverstock, finished at 500/1000 Siaair and polished with Crown Factory Compound, helps the ball glide downlane through medium oil with ease.

Inside, the Spheroid Asymmetrical core will create more "shape" on the lane than the previous two Web releases. You can expect a strong "snap" on the backend that will obliterate the pins.

7 Comments on “ Hammer Web M.B. Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. Hey bowlers- We’re still working on perfecting our voiceovers BUT how do you like the new format? Any feedback for us? We’re all ears!

  2. It sounds like Billy O from the old Brunswick videos. Just waiting on you guys to do a video on the Zenith, and 2 new DV8 balls

  3. Love the new voice over, it sounds a lot better, I wish there was a little bit more video to watch on these with more people like there used to be but other than that I love watching these videos, thanks guys!

  4. Do you have a voice processor running or a cheap microphone? Your voice sounds so much more robotic in these voiceover that it does in all of you’re other videos

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