Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Tony Ruocco & Kevin Kinslow testing the newest Hammer Black Widow in the line, Black Widow Ghost Pearl!

Everyone's favorite line from Hammer has a new addition – Meet the Black Widow Ghost Pearl.

The newest piece in the Black Widow line up is the Black Widow Ghost Pearl. This, of course, means the return of the iconic Gas Mask asymmetric core. Surrounded by the Carbon Fiber outer core for durability and insane power, Black Widow Ghost Pearl will provide an aggressive midlane and backend reaction.

Wrapped in the ectoplasmic white Aggression Pearl coverstock and finished at 500/1000/1500 Siaair then polished with Crown Factory Compound, this ball will provide length on the lanes for every bowler.

3 Comments on “ Hammer Black Widow Ghost Pearl Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. Kevin rips the cover off when he throws it that rev rate is insane. This ball hit the break point and just absolutely kicked left. Every review video I’ve seen so far, this ball looks clean, great shape off the spot and excellent continuation through the pins. I love asym pearls and I will definitely be adding this to my bag.

  2. Am I seeing this correctly or does the Widow no longer have a mass bias for the gas mask core? Or maybe it’s transparent to sight?

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