Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review

Check out Tony Ruocco & Kevin Kinslow create all kinds of motion on the lanes with the newly revived Black Widow 2.0 from Hammer!

**What do you think of our NEW VOICEOVERS?**

It's back… And needs no further introduction – The Black Widow 2.0 is here.

"Hammerheads" around the world rejoice as the Black Widow series has been revived! The incredibly iconic Gas Mask core is back. Surrounded by the Carbon Fiber outer core for durability and unparalleled power, the Black Widow 2.0 will provide an aggressive, continuous motion.

Combined with the Aggression Solid reactive coverstock finished at 500/1000/2000 Siaair Micro Pad, this ball will retain traction on medium to heavy lane conditions without sacrificing ball motion. The Black Widow is back and is just the piece that your bag has been missing… Caution: Strong curves ahead…

11 Comments on “ Hammer Black Widow 2.0 Bowling Ball Reaction Video Review”

  1. Hey bowlers- We’re still working on perfecting our voiceovers BUT how do you like the new format? Any feedback for us? We’re all ears!

    1. @bowlingballcom Hi just wondering if I can ask Tony a question. Since he threw both the Red Legend Solid and this ball, how different are the two balls for him front to back and left to right? Thanks.

  2. Nice review , thanks ! 2nd channel i see the board boxes on, and still think they need fixing. They miss accuracy.

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