Bowling vs Two Handed Lefty! Match Number 4 of Can You Beat Luis?!

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Today is match number 4 of Can you beat Luis?! We are bowling vs a two handed lefty! Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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43 Comments on “Bowling vs Two Handed Lefty! Match Number 4 of Can You Beat Luis?!”

  1. 180 at Orleans? He needs lessons from the house hack. #yourstruly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Also, I’ll be in town soon. I just have to line up the date for sure.

  2. I noticed from all your vlogs that Sam Town has alot of swing room to the right (for a right hander). If this swing area was removed it would proably cause more wash outs and ten pins. I would guess your competitor does not have this forgiveness in the house he bowls. Therefore, he would probably average around 200-210 at Sams Town.

    1. This is the challenger in this video. I average 186 currently at The Orleans. Over the summer, I averaged 179 there and 197 at Red Rock. I don’t like playing the gutter in general, but I definitely noticed Sam’s has a lot of friction on the outside compared to The Orleans.

  3. Hey Luis, I noticed that your ball speed was around the same as mine. However, I don’t know my rev rate so could you give me insight on what yours is? Thanks!

  4. Good bowling from you both! would love to try my hand against you Luis but im all the way on the East coast lol but i still enjoy the content either way.

  5. I’ve seen bowlers with 160s, 170s average and they shoot over 200s when my team faces them. They show more commitment and pressure.

    1. I def dont think it’s perfect. I feel as if I am on the late side and I am working on making it more in sync

  6. Thanks for the opportunity to go heads up against you, Luis. I think the 6th frame where you hit the one board and struck sealed my fate. The back-to-back 8s I left in the 9th and 10th didn’t help neither.

  7. Love how buddy made some custom Kobe bowling shoes! I need to do the same. Any tips on making your own bowling shoes?

    1. Appreciate that bro. The foam insoles bottomed out on those XIs so I don’t hoop in them anymore. And I hate how bowling shoes look, lol.

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