Bowling Vs The Ladies! First To 12 Strikes Wins! Big Stakes In This Winner Take All Challenge!

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Todays challenge is a race to 12 strikes vs the ladies of @dynamicduokrystaalyssa! Make sure to give them a sub as they are growing their channel!

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40 Comments on “Bowling Vs The Ladies! First To 12 Strikes Wins! Big Stakes In This Winner Take All Challenge!”

  1. Best of luck to all of you!
    May I ask of everything you’ve thrown, what ball would you turn to for the most strikes? House shot so nothing too difficult; I personally miss my old physix but lately its been phase 2

  2. Phase 2 never fails! That was awesome! I really want a fate now, hopefully if I make it to Vegas I’d love to bowl with y’all. A little two handed change of things

  3. Poor Krysta. She rarely tugs it. I think you made them bowl cold so you’d have the advantage, Luis. 不不不

  4. Great video! Super fun to watch! Me and my buddies were placing bets, dang it! I lost! I went with Krysta. A cool bowling shirt would be, “Chicks Dig Strikes”

  5. That was fun, as always! The ladies should have crushed you. Alyssa would have gone out early if 10 pins were reasonable. Krysta very atypical on the pulling thing, but if her swing was in its normal condition, she’d have punched out too. Luis, you were at a definite disadvantage throwing 3 different balls, so you really held up your end of the bargain by twelving first.

  6. Tight competition Lou! This was a ton of fun and especially Alyssa, she is a crack up. Some of her comments, priceless.

  7. A nice change of pace from the ball reviews. Would love to see these mixed in from time to time. These are so fun to watch!

  8. Hey Luis, good vid! Comment though, the snide comments after each shot, they always get cut off. You gotta leave those in for the good content!

  9. Wow! Trash talk fun times!!!
    @Alyssa存omething about loosing the ball off your hand early存truck every time!!!
    Always love seeing Krysta throw!!!
    Luis夙ot to get those jerseys in圭ant wait to see them at the next match.

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