Bowling The Trash Talker Zach In League Week 23! All The New Balls!!

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Tonight’s league livestream we bowl Vs the trash talker Zach! Come hang with us as we throw the new balls!

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19 Comments on “Bowling The Trash Talker Zach In League Week 23! All The New Balls!!”

  1. Cool tech bowling league team Luis how did you bowl your series all 3 games and did your bowling league team win all three bowling games

    1. and use my promo code NAPOLES10 that gets you 10% off and the jersey style is called blackout honeycomb

  2. Trash talking when you know you’re bad is hilarious… But when you trash talk and you think you’re good then get moppy when you’re getting spanked is a bad look

  3. Hi Luis, as usual watching the “live” stream the next day. The DNA looks really good, was fantastic in your ball review!! So when you bow; the “team” with the guy that doesn’t want to be on camera, will you not be able to live stream?

    1. Him not wanting to be streamed doesnt matter. The law is on my side and the bowling alley doesnt have a rule to not allow filming. I livestream for MY team and my YouTube channel. If he doesnt wanna be streamed then dont show up LOL

  4. Zach is definitely a loose cannon!
    Chris looked really good once he started playing straighter up the lane.

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