Bowling Terminology 101 – #RadicalRundown

It's time for the Radical Rundown!

Have you ever heard or read some bowling terms that just didn't make sense to you? Here's Phil & Andrew to go over some of the well known and maybe not so well known bowling lingo!

Let us know if there was one you had never heard of before or if you have a favorite!

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6 Comments on “Bowling Terminology 101 – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Sand Bag. I bought my first ball drilled full finger in Paramus in 1973. There was a tournament that night in which I did very well. My average to that point was in the 150’s with the old ball and drilling. I did have some conversations after I picked up the money. Lucky it was in the lanes and not the alley.

  2. The only one they didn’t explain was “shim” and that’s one I don’t know. Been bowling for 15 years and still don’t know.

  3. Isn’t the “dish” shot also known as a reverse block, where they flood the outside and keep the middle dry?

  4. The 2 terms I hear a lot are “Puked” and stand-up. Kind of have an idea of puked but still have no clue what it means for a ball to stand up

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