23 Comments on “Bowling Ryan 5 Games For Lunch! LIVESTREAM!”

  1. Fun to see you do a challenge but use a different ball each game. An added feature maybe let your viewers select the ball’s. Just a fun thought.

  2. hey take a look at JR raymonds video about how to get more inside and below the equator. i think since you changed to 4 step approach your backswing timing is the culprit for why you have to much axis rotation. FR i think it will solve all of your problems ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. and balls should be released to everyone at the same time imo. just creates this issue and quite frankly seems unfair tbh

  3. Would like to see your analysis of game 5 and how you think you should have adjusted differently. The 7-10 leaves looked like the ball motion was long and sharp.

    1. @Luis Napoles Last game 3 in league I adjusted by changing balls and threw it in the gutter. (My excuse was that I had not thrown it during warm-up.) Went back to original ball and moved 4 and 2 deeper and was fine. Granted I was the only lefty on a fresh house shot so I shouldn’t need to adjust drastically during 3 games. You were the only righty though bowled 5 games and your rev rate is higher than mine. Hearing you jump in 10 boards sounded drastic. Thanks for the video, it’s one thing seeing reviews comparing two balls, though I enjoyed trying to learn by watching ball and lane play adjustments, as that is what I would like to improve. Granted I only bring 2 balls plus a spare ball to league.

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