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  1. Open question…
    Have you ever had a home center switch from wood to synthetic? How was it received by the leagues and what did the center do to adjust to the new surface?

    1. This was normal in the 90s. So many centers changed over and that is why we see so many houses in need of new surfaces today and no budget to replace them. Back then it was like bowling on a new fresh, resurfaced wood surface, no track, balls just skid and skid. It took some time to break them in and now 20-25 years later we bowl in these surfaces that have grooves/tracks in them and need to be replaced because they can’t be resurfaced.

      People learned to bowl on the different surfaces, that is what we did.

    2. A house in my area got synthetics in the summer. People like it better now but they had to change the oil pattern to match the new surface. For a few weeks they ran the old oil pattern and it was a disaster.

    3. @Josh Gersten Very true! I saw many bowling centers make the switch to synthetic in the 90s. It was commonplace back then.

  2. Great topic This year we started bowling on wood lanes am having a rough time My average dropped 30 pins The lanes are like wet dry they call it Any suggestions

  3. Yea Phil but could you beat the late and I mean great Joe Galvano on 7 and 8? He was my favorite lefty!!! I surely miss him. He is smiling down on you as you mentioned “Meroke Lanes” All the best thanks for ur vids….

  4. I grew up bowling in the late 60’s and everywhere was wood lanes. We knew no better back then but I knew when urethane came out being on the left side I had to shine those Columbia 300 U-Dots. So many great memories! Thanks Phil

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