Bowling In Darren Tang Merch Makes Me Strike MORE?!?

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Jesse and Darren hooked me up with some of their merch which only means one thing! CONTENT!

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8 Comments on “Bowling In Darren Tang Merch Makes Me Strike MORE?!?”

  1. And I have ZERO issue with you wearing another bowling-tubers merch. I think it’s awesome. You can be a fan of other bowlers too. The way the core group of bowling-tubers support eachothers channels is awesome amd goes a long way to promoting this sport that we all love. It’s good for everybody.

  2. I loved my IQ tour. First high quality ball I bought. Used it so much it wore out. Looked like it was dropped out of a car window because Bowlero.

  3. You did wear “The Hype” jersey so I appreciate you shouting out others! I hope to see you bowling Jason Eubanks one day (Hit It Harder!)

    1. I’d love to collab with him! For me I’ve always said I don’t consider anyone on here competition! The more subs we all have the better!

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