BowlerX Presents Purple Hammer Bowling Ball Review for the Lower Rev Rate Players with DR. G

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21 Comments on “BowlerX Presents Purple Hammer Bowling Ball Review for the Lower Rev Rate Players with DR. G”

  1. 325-350 rpms is high revs to me. I am 145 rpms. 😉 Really liking this low rev series. Keep it up!

  2. As an older guy that’s rev challenged too, it’s great to see a review in my wheelhouse. Please keep them coming! You have changed my mind about having a purple hammer in my bag. Ooh and by the way my last urethane was also a red pearl hammer

  3. Nice review It was nice meeting you and JR in Morgantown this past weekend keep it up guys!

  4. Great review 👍 love to see you and Dr. G in more reviews. I can relate to his speed and rev rate. Being an older bowler in my late 60’s.

  5. i love this , yes i bowl with and help coach rev challenged folk lol. And there always asking what ball to use, and when sombody throws it 14 to 19 mph with 200 revs i have no idea what to tell them,this is perfect. This type of review with JR review would be the ultimate duo for a complete review on new bowling balls. thank you so much this is why you guys are the best. Plus it is a fun video as well

  6. This isn’t low revs. You need my pops for that. He’s 89, using a 16lb ’60s era AMF trainer ball with an orange stripe marking it’s track. As the ball rolls the stripe has some wobble, about half way if it gets steady you’ve correctly thrown the ball.

    Between still using the old full roller grip, have a speed around 8-9 mph and revs you should be able to count by eye or ear, he’s low rev!! Yes, it rolls over the thumb often enough you could count revs by the thumps it makes on some throws. I doubt he is above 30, def not over 50 revs.

    But hey, he’s still able to carry a 160 avg, not shabby for 89.

  7. Oof.
    It’s nice seeing more low rev players in reviews.
    Not so cool seeing someone rip off your friends nick name, especially in the same industry.
    There’s only one old guy, and his name is Wayne.

    1. @Gregory Cronce we’re only fooling around. We think it’s awesome to see another low Rev player. There’s infinite room for all of us! Good review, btw.
      Welcome to neighborhood!! Good luck and good bowling!!

  8. This is good to see. I’m a slightly over-50 relative beginner. My ball speed is 15-16, revs somewhere between 250-300. Seeing reviews where younger guys really rev it up don’t help me as much as seeing something like this. More, please.

  9. I appreciate Dr G showing representing the older speed and rev challenged bowlers. It gives us a good idea of ball reaction. JR is able to throw a Flintstone granite ball and make it look good. Sadly, I can’t replicate your technique.

  10. Old man review? You going to take that **** from JR? Ha ha seriously I love seeing reviews with someone whose rev rate is closer to mine. Thanks!

  11. glad to see a video with an older guy, been trying to convince my dad that something with a readable shape would benefit him over what the “pros” are using on TV, my dad is 80+ and some of these strong reactives are a waste when i need to put a “trick” or weak layout to get it to shape well for him. I only throw the purple hammer on any pattern, i’m a lefty so most of the time the other bowlers don’t care and who is going to complain about a 80+ guy using urethane

  12. Keep these reviews coming. I enjoy JR’s reviews too, but I’m for sure in this lower rev category. I have a similar style to Dr. G and feel I would benefit from seeing some of his reviews too.

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