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    1. Wicked good eyes! I thought I saw 11 and after reading your comment and hitting pause, play, pause, play I can see that you are right. He rolled it over 11, not 10.

  1. I love Motiv balls. I have 2 versions of the primal scream series but I am looking for a stronger motion ball. Is there a book that explains all of the ball specs to help me pick out the right one for me? I typically play more straight up the lane, lower rev player with around 15 mph average speed. Thanks.

  2. Too bad I got suckered into buying the Forge Fire. Bowling ball manufacturers must think league folks buy bowling balls like pros. Nope… $250 bucks down the drain. I follow the tour too closely because basically I don’t have a life. Recently I saw team Motiv all throw the Forge Fire during a tournament and now it’s nowhere to be found. Especially with the balance hole rule, I’m now stuck with a ball that can’t turn the corner and finish off the corner pins. If I could put a balance hole, I might be able to fix the ball. And it’s not just me, two other league bowlers that got hustled are having the same corner pin issues but my measuring stick is the pros. If they gave up on it, no worries, “drill me up a couple of new ones”… For your average Joe, as I said, $250 down the drain.

    1. Forge fire was a good ball. Go back to your pro shop, drilling has lot to do with along with how you throw it! Talk to them about your issue. I have been throwing Motiv for about 4 yrs now. I have pretty much bought every ball except for some urethane balls. An there have been some balls that didnt match my style!

    2. @Mark Lindsay And then sink another $60 into plugging and re-drilling, nope. I’ve bowled enough to know when there is a bad ball that hits the market. I’ve been fooled too many times and the balance hole really makes me mad. The pros abused it so the rule now goes across all bowlers pro or not. In the past, a balance hole would have helped. Now I’m stuck. Thanks for the comment but I just hate being suckered into a ball that the pros are dropping like a hot potato.

    3. @Archk1 that is too bad on what your pro shop is charging you. My pro shop stands behind their recommendation an the charge to change is at least less than half or nothing at all. Sounds like you need a different pro shop! Too bad, i dont throw the fire because it didnt work for me. But my team mate throws it great an he has shot 700’s the last 4 weeks, plus he has had several 8 an 9 in a row with his fire.

  3. getting this the day it drops in the pro shops, will be a nice wombo combo to my original venom shock

  4. Those are the silliest looking boards I’ve ever seen. How are you suppose to stand in the same spot consistently if you can’t see every 4 boards

  5. Nick, you’re a beast. The seven arrow challenge is no joke even for guys such as yourself but you seem to have great command of your delivery and control. I will get there myself one day. 🤣🤣👍

  6. All with the same ball…. ?? Looks like 1st and 2nd arrow are with a pin up and the rest pin down. #youtubetrickery

  7. Thanks #Motivnation that made my day. No words just a simple and pure video. Let the ball(s) do all the explaining. #bluecoralvenom #loveitallday

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