Black Venom | Ball Review

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Introducing the Black Venom™, a bold upgrade to the already incredible Venom™ line. This uncompromising new addition features the latest Leverage™ cover technology from the Jackal Ambush, modified for maximum performance on moderate oil volume. Pairing this new Leverage™ MFS Solid Reactive cover with the Gear™ APG core creates earlier read and unstoppable traction when attacking light-medium oil lane conditions.

In this video, Nick Pahr throws the new Black Venom and compares it to the Venom Shock, Venom Recoil, and Blue Coral Venom! #MOTIVNATION

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26 Comments on “Black Venom | Ball Review”

  1. Any layout suggestions for high speed high rev guys? This layout seems like it’d blow past the breakpoint everytime for me

  2. Ball looks great! Nick’s “stock” layouts for tester balls both have long pins-to-paps, compared to most commonly suggested layouts (especially the pin-down one). I was wondering if you guys could share his stats and/or reasoning behind using those layouts. Thanks!

    1. Nick is a balanced bowler, closer to being more rev dominant than speed dominant. He likes weaker layouts for him so he can manipulate his hand more. He tends to have weaker layouts just due to his ball roll and not having as much tilt.

    1. A smoother, asymmetric version. The Venom Shock is definitely faster response when it hits friction. The Black Venom smooths out that response and has a stronger and more controllable overall motion

  3. I love the comparison shots using animation of the ball paths. Really was useful to see the differences in ball shape between the featured balls. Thanks for posting.

  4. Wow! Thank you for closed caption. I am appreciated you work hard to set up closed caption. Can’t wait to get black venom.

  5. Really digging the shelf appeal on this bad boy but I don’t think it can replace my fantastic Pride solid. Still Motiv is knocking them out of the park! Home runs one right after the other. Please keep up the good work Motiv.

  6. This is the same exact shape as my hammer envy tour. Any motiv guys need to pick this up, it is amazing on any pattern. I’d expect this to sell like crazy, or be in a lot of college bowlers hands

  7. Hey Nick
    For my style as a 2 finger no thumb bowler. How would you drill this Black Venom for me. I’m a right handed bowler, who plays pretty straight and in the oil on house pattern at the AMF centre in Ontario Canada. I’m a Motiv bowler, rolling the Pride, Forge Ember, Sky Raptor, and the RipCord Launch. Motiv PBA Pro I bowl most like would be a mix between AJ Johnson, and Andrew Anderson, if they had their thumb on the outside of the ball. I’m wanting to get this Black Venom, and the Primal Shock as well for my arsenal. Do you have any suggestions for me to better my game. 170 average in league.

  8. I love this bowling alley. I go here frequently and always enjoy my time there, and the food and drinks are great.

  9. I bowl a Rhino now, just learned to hook the ball. What would be a good Motiv ball to get? Currently use a 14lb Rhino and only throw around 14.5-15mph.

    1. The Black Venom or Venom Shock would both be fantastic options for your first performance ball! They offer a ton of performance at a great price point.

  10. I seriously want to know if this ball is more aggressive when brought down to 1000. Numbers are nearly identical to the Envy Tour and that ball is considered as more aggressive and hard hitting compared to this.

  11. I bought one of these the other day. I wish Motiv would use accurate pictures to advertise their product. I know it’s a minor issue, but how difficult is it to use some gold iridescent resin for the logos? Instead the logos are just brown and barely visible. I take pride in my balls. Cmon guys, this ball could have looked really sick if you put in just a tiny bit more effort.

    1. that’s interesting. Every pour is different due to the nature of resins, but we did use a gold pearl for the logos so I’m not sure why yours appears brown to you. The ball image is a literal photo of a production ball so should be accurate.

    2. @bowlmotiv Look at 0:13 then compare that to the thumbnail of the video. Instead of bumping up the contrast in photoshop, how about fix the resin, or if you can’t do that, or update the photo. Not good!

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