Big Bro Top Dog by Swag Bowling | Full review with JR Raymond

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24 Comments on “Big Bro Top Dog by Swag Bowling | Full review with JR Raymond”

  1. I think your views speak for themselves. Also, swag has really progressed with their pearl balls in the past year.

  2. Know they’re expensive but would really like normal joe blow house pro shop #s on a ball to compare to the many different ones that you do. Don’t get me wrong,I appreciate what you do and how precise your reviews always are

  3. You be you is all I can say. But if you added the cover stock type and cover numbers I wouldn’t complain 😂

  4. Love it, couldn’t believe all the haters on the 3.0 review. I think they couldn’t handle how awesome that Widow is. I actually have been a fan of the camera position changing, it kinda keeps it feeling fresh.

  5. People are complaining because you have FUN ?? .. are you kidding me? .. the whole purpose of bowling is to HAVE FUN !!! .. keep up the great videos JR ..
    I, for one, appreciate them! .. and the more fun YOU have making them, the more fun I have watching them .. thank you!

  6. It’s amazing how much technology has changed over the past seventeen years since I had to give up bowling Due to some back issues, hopefully this summer. This back surgery will fix the problems. And I’ll be able to get back to bowling. But I really enjoy your videos and your advice and your Coaching advice, especially your tip today. A lot of people do not take Consideration of changing the surface of the all because they see on TV or they think well, it’s a pearl. It has to be shiny or it’s this, so it has to are so right by changing the surface. You Can change the ball Roll To help achieve your desirable reaction where years ago we Did not have as many options in equipment
    So we use more with ball speed and hand positioning. And the loft so keep up the good work I really appreciate it and I watch all your videos. Yes. Thank you so much from one old man. That’s hoping to finally get back into the swing of things thank you very much. JR Raymond

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