Big Bro Jacked by SWAG | Full uncut review

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31 Comments on “Big Bro Jacked by SWAG | Full uncut review”

    1. Hi Jay. I’ve tried that on some tournaments shots recently. My current surface in league is 3000 and it still works best on the transition. At 2000 or lower, the ball remains very controllable and comes to life in a heavier oil environment. Its quite a bit sharper at the BP than I want on a fresh sport shot though, so it remains as my transition ball.

    1. Is not about approval, it’s about paying to play. Unfortunately it’s not in the books to do so yet. Hopefully soon.

  1. JR, when you say the company doesn’t have a big looping ball, are you forgetting the Hip Star? That looked like a symmetrical Volatility.

  2. Could not agree more on your review. The jacked is an excellent ball, but it really comes to life on the transition as its a medium to medium heavy oil ball. I’ve used this piece in league and some tournaments and in both cases, its best used when the lanes open up when you still need to control the pocket. Used it to shoot 636 during my Monday night league.

  3. I don’t know how anyone can think of putting this in the bag before one of the storm or dv8 balls coming out in a few weeks. Cause those balls hit. (New parallax, and new revenge.)

  4. How does this compare to the Radical Results +? You still have not tested it against other oil patterns. As I recall the Radical was a 36ft
    pattern and this is 41. I bowl at 2 houses that are VERY different so your testing on different patterns is VERY beneficial when making
    a decision on a new ball.

    1. @Oatsremote

      I looked into the Drilling for it and 2 choices look good.

      – Most Versatile
      Pin Over
      45 x 4” x 35°
      – Smoother Motion
      Pin Over
      20° x 4-1/2” x 40°

    2. @Oatsremote
      The information came from the drilling for the Results Plus in the Radical Website. How did JR come up with 85x5x85.
      I can’t find it in a document on dual angle drilling. I would like to see the ball with his layout.

    3. I just looked at the drilling Radical used for the Throbot 70×3.5×20. Weird that they didn’t use one of the layouts from
      their own drilling specs. At 78 My speed is in the 16 range with an occasional upper 17. PAP is 5 1/2 1/8 up.

  5. It reminds me of the typical motion of the Brunswick balls and ebonite balls of the passed great midlane control but when you have to throw it right it struggles

    1. brunswick hooks form everywhere. you probably dont know how to bowl. my method solid hooks from super steep angles. i can hook the whole lane with it.

    2. @jace welsh just national team member silver coach from the usbc bowled un countless countries including Hong Kong Finland peru Colombia just to name a few, I’m not saying brunswick is bad I’m just saying no one has been able to emulate that storm backend EBI spent years trying to do it. That actually got Ronald Hickland fired as a bowl designer.

  6. For anyone looking for that back end action, I recommend checking out the fantasy star symmetrical from swag. It gets through the fronts easy and has excellent back end.

  7. I’m looking for a born bawl that is asymmetrical that will fit my bone status soul I need to know which Baul is asymmetrical and not in symmetrical

  8. This is so crazy – having been pretty much away from bowling for so long and I see guys changing balls after leaving 10 pins and moving 5 left off a 4-pin – I need to relearn this game if I get back in

    1. Nah. You’ll be fine. You dont need to change balls after leaving a few 10 pins. Can always just move your feet. If I leave 10s and move my starting position back like an inch it usually does the trick(one example of many to do it). Well that’s if I’m hitting the same spot

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