Big Bowling Shim Rekker Ball Review By Luis Napoles | This Ball = CONTROL

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This is my first ever ball from Big Bowling and I was instantly impressed!

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10 Comments on “Big Bowling Shim Rekker Ball Review By Luis Napoles | This Ball = CONTROL”

  1. awesome seeing you toss and critique other equipment. this ball is for someone that is. very accurate it seems. when you hit the spots it is a killer but im thinking the avg house shot casual bowler who isnt that accurate this would not be the ball for them. You know how that goes some night you cant miss your shot and spots and other nites your just off.. but it looks like a killer when you hit the spots it needs to be in

  2. Hi
    A question:

    In your Motiv Time i See a Video from the Raptor Allure, the ball was blue and Green.

    But had you ever played the Raptor Supreme?

    I find no Video from this ball.

    Your friend alex from germany

  3. Hi

    What would you say about the Big Bowling Balls?

    Good, better, great.

    But in germany you can not buy this Balls.

    And for five pin wash out in germany we say a good once make a spare, but a great one shot through the pin and Hit no pin and win then a beer.

    Alex from germany

  4. I have the Shim Rekker and it’s great for me on lanes if they are broken down a bit. I couldn’t get a good reaction swinging it but if I kept my angles in front of me it shined. Ball hits hard and you can hear the difference. Thanks for the video Luis!

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