BEST HUSTLE EVER!!! Roto Grip Hustle M + M ball Review!

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The Roto Grip Hustle M + M in my opinion is the BEST Hustle they have made to date and there has been SO MANY good ones!

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28 Comments on “BEST HUSTLE EVER!!! Roto Grip Hustle M + M ball Review!”

  1. Great video Luis. Wondering what you think about the reacta-gloss finish? I’ve heard very controversial things about it and it seems you don’t have problems with it that other people do. Or do you resurface and put step 2 on the ball before you shoot the video?

    1. @jenniferlowe I recently drilled up another ZEN which these days comes in the Reacta-Gloss finish. Not a fan of this finish, so I put some surface on the ZEN , prepped it to the 4K Fast finish, and it has a MUCH BETTER reaction. So yes, that Reacta-Gloss finish isn’t for everyone …..

  2. Cool tech bowling bowling roto grip hustle mmm bowling ball with nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time Luis

    1. Awesome scotty this ball reminds me of the Wrapper “Eminem” i like “Eminem” the rapper do you too scotty?

  3. I tried to look back and could have easily still missed it but…what makes you prefer this one so much more than the solid?
    I’m looking for a ball in this range and bouncing between IQ Tour, Hyroad, and one of these and was leaning solid but not ruling out pearls of yet. (currently just have an Idol Pearl which is usually too strong for my center)
    Always good stuff! Keep it up!

  4. This was the one I really wanted to see and hear your thoughts. Is there anything in rip and m&m as to thoughts

  5. For me the USA has been unbelievable I can Rev it inside keeping it 18 to 12 and it Rips the Rack, and I actually start with it on a Fresh House Shot.

  6. I tried to get you to get the wine for a long time, this is the same ball and the wine always did me right, it always has so much miss room its insane, fresh, burned it doesnt matter, really good ball and im sure the M+M for me is gonna be the same

    1. I have been recommended the wine by pro shop and a friend but was not a huge fan of the solid colors. M&M looks real nice. I have a slower ball speed with higher rev rate. Would this work well for me? Thanks!

  7. I would love to see a comparison video of you using ALL of your hustles. Longer video yeah, lots of work, but to get a true comparison, thats what i want to see

  8. Where would the Hustle USA fall compared with the 2 new Hustle balls? And how do the Hyped Pearl compare to the M+M?

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