Best Bowling Drill | The 7 Arrow Challenge

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The seven arrow challenge is the best drill you can do in bowling! This drill can be a great way to improve your mental game, targeting and versatility. In my opinion this is the best training tool to become a better bowler!!

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50 Comments on “Best Bowling Drill | The 7 Arrow Challenge”

  1. I’ve done this drill a few times. 1st and 2nd arrow take me for EVER. Other people are on 6 when I get passed 2 lol. It’s fun though. You guys should play low ball, you’d probably have to keep score manually though.

    1. @Chris Stones that would be so hard to do cause it would hook way too much from the first couple arrows and not at all from 6-7 lol

  2. I have never tried this before but it looks like it could and should help. I’ll try this the next practice I do.

    1. 100%

      It helps a lot. You just have to keep at it and stay focused.

      My game has been improving rapidly with all of the knowledge I’ve been taking in from not only this drill, but the awesome bowlers that post stuff like this.

      Thanks to guys like Mr. Motiv Lou and another shout out to Brad and Kyle! You guys have helped me a lot!

    1. As soon as my balls get delivered they will be punched and recorded! I’m super sad I haven’t got them yet! Vegas is super far from Michigan so I always get them last 😂

  3. i wouldnt worry about how quickly andrew got each arrow, just keep track for yourself how quickly you get each one and also your total shots and try to lower both everytime you do the drill, ive heard of this drill before but never done it but with how my league went thursday night i need to do this drill, fall of 2019 was my return to bowling after 5 to 6 years away and i started targeting the first arrow instead of the second which i used before my hiatus, now that im using the first i struggle to use the second much less move in at all, any tips, also what kind of movements were you making to go from one arrow to the next

    1. This drill will definitely help with that! So Andrew and I actually talked about this about the feet and where to stand. When we did this drill we didn’t really look exactly where we were standing. More about get your feet wherever you need to be to hit the target arrow. Then make sure you look where you stood to go back to that spot of your next attempt

  4. Andrew hit first arrow dead on finally, but sorry Lou, your shot crossed 3 1/2. The camera does not lie. 😉
    But great video! Love these kinds of training vids. Keep it up.

    1. SURPRISINGLY it didn’t 😂 every time I dropped it in the gutter I checked and checked and not a scratch haha Andrew said the balls are sturdier than that LOL

  5. I was actually trying to do this yesterday. Did you guys have to change how you throw the ball when getting deeper? Rotation, speed, etc, or did it primarily come down to finding the right angles?

    1. Both. That’s what I really like about the drill. Forces me to work with different hand positions, whilst also exploring and using different angles.

    2. For me it was definitely both. First arrow I tried to be very very firm and stay as far behind it as I could. Then like 2-3-4 I was at my normal pace and could come around it if I needed and then 5-6-7 was trying to stay behind it again and making sure those angles were correct. This drill makes you make a lot of little changes (speed rotation etc) to be able to hit the target arrow and strike

    1. Do it ! Let me know how it goes! If you haven’t already, join the MotivLou Facebook page if you need help with your game or just want to join a great bowling community

    1. If you work on this drill it can help you learn to play the arrows that you rarely use. It going to help me especially when I bowl tournaments!

    1. That’s a good one also but that’s more of a practice schedule than a drill. A drill would be pick off the ten then pick off the seven clean off the full rack

  6. I love this challenge but I can never hit the 7 arrow im super uncomfortable with lofting a 15 pound ball over the gutter cap😂😂😂

    1. I’m exactly the same way! 😂 but hey after a few terrible attempts I figured it out and got the ball in the air and on target

    2. @MotivLou did you have to do a 3 step approach or was it easier doing a full approach…sometimes the ball return is right there so I can understand the 3 step approach..

    3. @Kyle Rudolph if I’m on the right lane I’ll do a 3 step but since I’m on the left lane I used a full 5 step approach. Granted I did move up and take smaller steps to bring my tempo down considerably

  7. Great drill as well as the 2 board drill. This improved my game soo much, making me feel comfortable on any lane conditions

  8. Yes i did this drill as well, very useful. I’d say 1st arrow is not as hard as 7th , bu ti get why many people will find it very hard.

  9. Hey Luis, how many shots are you taking at each arrow? Or are you shooting at each arrow until you strike?

  10. Didn’t even know it was possible to play the 7th arrow😂😂😂. I’m a stroker, I don’t think I’ll ever be that far over anyways.

  11. Just cought this video. My accuracy has come from throwing my ball from the 4th arrow to the 3 board(usually lay the ball down around there20-25 board). I bowled like this for alot of my life(on different house shots). Now im pretty good at hitting what I aim at. Although I still get nervous when I throw the ball straight at the gutter

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