BEST Bowling Ball Of The Year (So Far) 900 Global Eternity Ball Review!

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This bowling ball the 900 Global Eternity feels like it has some major potential! Paired with a very popular cover and new core! February 17th is the official release date for this bowling ball!

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41 Comments on “BEST Bowling Ball Of The Year (So Far) 900 Global Eternity Ball Review!”

  1. Looking forward to seeing it with the polish knocked off. Seems like it wasn’t doing much without getting into the friction.

  2. This ball is going to be used everywhere in transition and longer patterns.

    I’m not a huge fan of the camera focusing on you with the blurred FOV. It focuses as you get to the line, it may just be an issue where my eyes don’t like the changeover each time.

  3. Hey Luis I love watching your vids! Keep up the awesome work your doing! And today I won an absolute bowling ball it’s a 14 that’s what I throw I have a 15 gem that I got from a friend and I love that ball too! But yeah I’m super excited to throw that new ball and I hope it works out for me! 😁❤️

  4. I know it sounds weird but take the out of box finish and just redo it. i have put reacta gloss on a few bowling balls and I’ve never had a problem, yes i would have to wipe after every use but I did that to begin with. I’m 80% sure this is going to be the ball of the year for me. I LOVE the Altered this one shouldn’t be any different!

    1. I see a lot of people doing that! If this ball isn’t the ball of the year it’s gonna be an amazing ball that takes it

  5. I know it is still pretty early of the new pieces thus far eternity, tnt, absolute,revenant. Which ball do u see being the most versatile of the bunch?

  6. I was thinking the fate was going to be my next new ball, now I’m not so sure, that eternity looks pretty darn good.

  7. This Eternity and the TNT are something special. I drilled them up the other day and I’m so impressed. I can’t wait to win some money with them this weekend.

  8. Hi Luis, Thank you for doing these ball review videos, nice to see that South Point finally changed the masking units from the Bowlers Journal ones, especially since the new Bowlers Journal starts next month. One question when you do these videos, when you start moving left, what is the move that you usually make, 1&1, 2&1, 3 &1, 3&2? Thanks, Ken

  9. What would even be interesting is if you still have that EagleUSA, compare it either the Eternity since it has the old Break Core design and compare its motion to the new Break Core design of the Eternity…

  10. Great information as always Lou! (Q)’ for a full roller, what would be the strongest layout that you can recommend.?

  11. This seems like a good ball for my 2nd league. Its 35 feet of heavy soup on 50 year old wood lanes so theres a ton of friction especially by game 3. I was thinking about the phaze 5 but i dont know now

    1. @Luis Napoles i havent. My pro shop operater always advised against urethane or house saying itll hook at my feet. Right now i throw an iq emerald or a dv8 madusa both resurfaced at a 4000 grit polish finish just to try and get them as far down the lane as possible before it reads because too much surface and they will hook at my feet(tried it; wasnt pretty lol)

  12. hi luis, are you everdo a comparison between the 900 global eternity and the altered reality. that would be nice

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