Before You Bowl The 2021 USBC Open Championships! | How To Succeed At Nationals

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My goal for this video if to give you all tons of confidence going into nationals! It can be an extremely frustrating event if you come unprepared for this event! I hope this guide will help you all through the journey of bowling the 2021 USBC Open Championships!
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6 Comments on “Before You Bowl The 2021 USBC Open Championships! | How To Succeed At Nationals”

  1. Appreciate it Luis. I’ll be bowling in the team event in late June. This will be my first USBC Open.

  2. The last Open I threw in was in Las Vegas in 2009. Its been a long time, however, bowling in the open is an experience everyone should have if they enjoy bowling. My first one was at the Bowling Stadium in Reno, and that was awesome. Once again Luis, good video, My iAMBowling jersey will be here tomorrow just in time for my Senior League roll off on Thursday!

  3. Thank you Lou!
    It really shows that a straighter ball that will lay off in the back is better for starting on the fresh.
    Resin looked so flippy and hard to control until the lane broke down.
    I bowled Nationals in 2019 for the first time. If was an enjoyable and humbling learning experience.
    I bowl Nationals this month. Hope I can do better this year!

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