Battling The Cliff – 2 Ways – #RadicalRundown

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Welcome back to the #RadicalRundown!

This time, we're looking at 2 quick scenarios you may have encountered as the lanes break down and become "cliffed", meaning a ton of friction to the outside which makes the ball hook early and a lot of oil in the middle causing the ball to over-skid and come behind the headpin. Andrew breaks it down.

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26 Comments on “Battling The Cliff – 2 Ways – #RadicalRundown”

    1. True but you have to be very aware of where you “usually” miss if you do. Stronger ball moved into higher oil can over-react off the back of the pattern or burn out too much if you miss into the dry. I tend to pull the ball so I sometimes get into trouble by leaving splits.

  1. Slow the delivery. Do you lower the ball or are you able to lower foot speed? I am 79 so this would be helpful information.

    1. Perhaps this could help – I actually move up about 6-8 inches on the approach, the shorter steps seem to slow my feet down naturally 🙂

  2. Not sure if I have seen one from you but maybe do a quick vid on ways to soften your speed without wrecking your mechanics? I know speed control is my weakest area as a matched player.

    1. A lot of people say you should start by taking a step forward on the approach before you begin. This reduces momentum during your approach.

    2. I’ll add to that. Use your feet to change speed without sacrificing timing and control of your upper body. A step forward and shorten your strides to slow down. A step back and lengthen your strides to speed up. I used it last week vs the dreaded urethane carry down. Only thing I changed was starting a step forward. It kept my speed slower while maintaining timing and control. 256 while others on the same pair were struggling to find pocket with the urethane cliff. It takes some getting used to but it works.

    3. @Jeffery Daniels It definitely takes practice to be honest. You’ll just have to work on adjusting your footwork up a bit. May even help to play a few games with the speed on and get your avg to 1 or 2mph under avg.

    1. Never even thought of this as an option and can’t wait to try it practice! I feel I get inconsistent when I start to change my approach speed. Thanks for that tip, Larry.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I have been struggling with this issue and this definitely gives me something to think about. Great information!

  4. I love when Andrew smiles because he knows he is so damn good!
    For myself on House Shots, because I am a Classic Full Roller with zero tilt, in order to battle the cliff I have found this strategy best:
    -I always play straight up the lane, always.
    -On the fresh, if there is enough volume I can go straight up 7 to start.
    -Once 7 breaks down I move feet and target left. Now I am going straight up 8.
    -Once 8 breaks down I move feet and target left again and now I am going straight up 9.
    -If there is tons of resin on the lane drying it up fast, then I may even have to go straight up 10 board, but that is rare.
    -And I use only one ball: The new ‘Brunswick made’ Purple Hammer with a 2″ Leverage Layout.

  5. My usual method is either ball up and get angular or stay the same and try to be harder and more straight. Idk I’ll try this though

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