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  1. Train martial arts.. you’ll learn mental strength. You never Train at 100% painfree if you’re really training. . you’re always sore you need to stretch before AND AFTER… that will prolong your ability to push through fatigue. You’ll also learn the difference between soreness and injury. Soreness is ok to push through, injury isnt.

  2. Ha, I just practiced solo yesterday. 10 games in about an hour and a half. After taking 1-2 games to warm up, I like to blitz the next 5, just keeping my pace and timing the same from the moment I pick up the ball to when I throw it. For the last 3, I deliberately spend more time between shots, to simulate a more league like pace. Sometimes it’s hard to pull this off, because my usual houses are phasing out game rates even for league bowlers, and it’s upwards of $40 an hour. Almost makes me want to go back to working at a bowling alley….

    1. I did that too in my younger days. In my younger days i worked 330 to midnight, so i had my morings free, for my bowling addiction, FOR THE LOVE OF BOWLING 😍😍😍😍

  3. I bowl two leagues back to back two nights a week. (Four leagues total.) It’s tough during the second shift, especially since I am an insulin dependent diabetic.

  4. I use to have cardio practice. I would get two pairs of lanes with two balls on each ball return. Then i would bowl one ball down each lane as fast as i could going back and forth between lanes. I used good bowling form for my delivery, but i moved as fast as i could from lane to lane. I started out doing this for 30 minutes at a time. I did this in addition to my calisthenics,stretching,one mile run,3×3 workout, and fifteen games minimum of practice. I did this everyday, i got in shape physically, and bowling wise.
    All was good until that one tragic day. that changed everything.

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