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  1. I was at a tournament in my home center and heard alot of complaints about lane 14. Nearly every pocket hit was leaving the 10 pin no matter how the shot came in. So I watched it and the 2 and 6 pins were offset on every rack. I told the lead mechanic about it and he watched for a while and eventually went down to check alignment and sure enough the pin clamps were bent, setting the pins every time off their mark.

  2. An opportunity for pinsetter mechanics to adjust the table pin cups on 82-70’s & the blocking fingers on A2’s to set racks within legal tolerances. An effort necessary to prevent bad racks in the future, not to mention, common sense maintenance.

    1. But Pin Action or Pin Carry is the biggest issue with StringPins, let alone Tangled Pins. These bad racks can be fixed real quick by small and simple pinsetter adjustments.

    2. @Pinoy Bowler Yea i can tell you’ve never bowled with string pins lol. The pin carry and or pin action is barely noticeable.

    3. @Pinoy Bowler 4 years ago though. You can set the tension of the strings on each pin so they don’t have that wild of pin action. The bowling alley I went to I saw nothing different than standard bowling. Only real significant thing was the sound of the ball hitting the pins. Other than that, no significant difference.

    4. @James Mooar Even if you loosen the tension entirely, it still doesn’t get rid of the problem where a String of a pin snagging another pin down. Let’s say your shooting a 1-2-4-10 washout, on an AMF 82-70 for example, the Headpin goes around the 10 but on Strings, it will do the same way but the string can pull the 10 down, its more on what the pin does after it leaves the pindeck. Also I don’t like the back area of a String Pinsetter, its so boring. I want to see 20 or 21 Pins flowing through the Pinsetter, not those stupid TikTok videos where they show “the back of a Bowling Alley” featuring a String Pinsetter.

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