Battle of the Urethanes – Back to the Future: (Rubicon UC3 – Motiv Purple Tank – Purple Hammer)

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This is going to happen people! I'm going to compare the Roto Grip Rubicon UC3, Motiv Purple Tank, and Hammer Purple Hammer bowling balls. WHat's the best urethane ball?? - 20 Years Online - Free Shipping Every Item Every Day

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3 Comments on “Battle of the Urethanes – Back to the Future: (Rubicon UC3 – Motiv Purple Tank – Purple Hammer)”

  1. This could up for video of the year! Can’t wait! Cait wait! I basically grew up using urethane once my league bowling started that is. Columbia 300 U-Dot and Columbia Vector Two. This has me very interested. Just curious to see if these “urethane” balls absorb oil or not. That will give me a better handle on whether or not they are True – ish urethane. Thank you sir.

  2. Wow! Finally! I can hardly wait!!!
    Look at the surface of that Hammer compared to the others. It looks like 80’s urethane while they look like resin…l
    I have an original Hammer Purple and two Brunswick Purples. I can tell you the Brunswick Purple is way earlier and much stronger than the Hammer Purple which is cleaner with more pearl like snap.
    I guess when Brunswick remade the Purple, they made it much stronger. Not a bad thing for the heavier volumes, but watch your layout choice as it can die out fast if you put too strong of a layout on it. Because the surface is so strong, my advice is to stick with layouts that get it up the lane and let it retain energy and you will drive super hard through the pins!

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