Battle Of The Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Balls! Storm Absolute vs 900 Global Reality Check!

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The Storm Absolute and the 900 Global Reality Check are both asymmetrical bowling balls! So today we will compare to see how they perform next to each other!

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49 Comments on “Battle Of The Asymmetrical Hybrid Bowling Balls! Storm Absolute vs 900 Global Reality Check!”

  1. Absolute looks like its a ball you could go to AFTER the reality check. Absolute looks like it goes further downrange before hooking

  2. The Absolute doesn’t look very good, very often, for very many people… but WHEN it looks good, it looks incredible.

    1. I think the core in the absolute is great and it’s the cover that lets it down. When storm inevitably puts a stronger cover around that core, it will be amazing.

    2. @Andrew Weltlich I think you practically already have that stronger ball you’re referring to in the 900 Global Reality or the Proton Physix, particularly the Reality. The Absolute looks like it IS a GOOD ball, but one that is gonna leave me wanting more, kinda like you were describing it might be with a stronger over. Well, we’ve pretty much already got some in the examples I mentioned, so even though it is a GOOD ball, I’ll likely pass on the Absolute.

    3. @mattvg1776 I think REX would be a good cover for it. That should give it a similar shape to what it has now, but blend out the pattern better. Not be so over/under.

  3. Reality > Reality Check
    The biggest observation I’ve made after watching this, and many other reviews, is that the Absolute is a GOOD ball but is likely to leave you wanting for more. Since those balls pretty much exist already in the 900 Global Reality as well as the Proton Physix, I’d just as soon go with the Reality and will likely pass on the Absolute. The Absolute also seems to be a bit more particular and your room for error when you DO miss is much less than other available balls that could take the same place in your arsenal. If I ball down from the Reality, I’d likely go to my Zen in that case. The Absolute is an impressive ball, but it just doesn’t WOW me.

  4. Now I really want a Absolute. I drill my asymm balls the same way. Looks like you can miss right and still get back to the pocket better than other balls

  5. The Reality check for me is my starter ball on the fresh. However my coach is figuring out if we should polish it just a little and make it my “go to” ball instead and make the Hustle Camo my starter ball. I get some wicked action on the reality check, and it was the first ball my coach drilled to test out a brand new crazy drilling for me that on paper looks so weird it shouldn’t work but it does… to put it simply, the ball is drilled far right and nearly upside down. the numbers are insane, yet i can hit pocket easier and the track is away from the fingers

  6. Had mine for a little over a week now, it’s definitely gonna be better for most people with a little surface adjustment

  7. I absolutely love my Reality Check. I’ve thrown several 700+ series with it. Had 754 this past Thursday. Will be getting my Absolute this week.

  8. Chris’s release produces such a violent down lane reaction, jumping and snapping, that really I am surprised he does not stick with strong solids with early forward layouts to tame his release and give him a consistent roll through the lane front to back. I feel he would do much better with these. Anything flippy or shiny and he just gets massive over/under and unpredictability. I have noticed this in every video he has been in with you Lou.

    1. @Chris Stones Hmmm. It seems your game is built for solids. You are speed dominant with extreme axis rotation and high revs. Your ball will want to get up the lane and snap like crazy. With quicker balls this can get you into a lot of trouble with over/under. Something BIG that burns some energy early and smooths out your backend reaction making it more consistent front to back seems like it could help you. As Lou has said, you look very good when you can play straighter, more up the lane rather than left to right. Maybe try experimenting with earlier rolling layouts on a BIG asym with some surface or a BIG smooth Sym.

    2. @nordattack the issue with that is playing straighter itself. I’ve thrown left to right for 30+ years. Playing straight is so uncomfortable for me it gets very frustrating. I may try something like the hyped solid or an IQ tour. I had 1 IQ ball, the nano, about 7 or 8 years ago and I hated it. Thanks for the advice.

  9. My game is similar to yours Luis. I’m leaning towards the Absolute but I the Reality Check is still in the running. I love that both are asymmetrical hybrid balls. I’m glad that you both said that either aren’t good for the fresh but when the lanes start to transition it’s time to pull them out of the bag.

  10. Few thoughts here, reality check is excellent on the fresh on the typical house shot. Absolute is absolutely not good on the fresh. Way too long and whippy. I’m surprised Luis likes absolute so much and not the dark code. The DC has a larger usage window for me and most people

    1. @Luis Napoles Dark Code is one of only a few balls I’ve ever thrown that I definitively did NOT like! I thought it would be the bomb, but I didn’t like it at all.

  11. Do you still do videos where you compare the same ball at different surfaces? I really liked those videos back in the day.

  12. Some people have “slow” feet and a fast swing others you can see when they hit up on the ball but aside from Kris P , Luis has one of the most aesthetically pleasing physical games ( as if someone whispering let the ball do the work in your ear on the approach )

  13. Planning on getting the Absolute, have scored very well with the Reality Check, including a 296 (closest I’ve been to 300 in 12 years)

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