Ball Motion Indicators – #RadicalRundown

Welcome back to the #RadicalRundown!

Andrew talks about a scenario where he uses Ball Motion Indicators in order to stay ahead of the breakdown and potential disastrous results!

Do you make moves anticipating the transition or do you wait until you get the bad break and panic? Comment your experiences below!

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11 Comments on “Ball Motion Indicators – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Can I suggest a quick edit and a slow mo of the ball going through the pins so people can see what you are talking about a little better?

    1. @RadicalBowling – He made a suggestion to help you make higher quality videos… not so he could personally see what you’re talking about.

  2. I personally don’t know radical balls very much. I generally throw storm but what are some overall good balls by radical like a benchmark, hybrid, and a low rg pearl

    1. Andrew is moving the ball angle to be in the oil more (by moving his feet left slightly) so the ball doesn’t react as early down the lane (hitting the dry area too early or at wrong angle) and hits through the 8-9 pin area. While he got a strike in the first attempt, he’s likely to get a split in the next few shots if he keeps the same line, ball, and release. This is advanced tactics that most league bowlers don’t consider.

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