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Chris Beans shares updates on the latest bowling ball announcements from ROTO GRIP & 900 GLOBAL bowling! URD 2/16/24!


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  1. I hope someone does a review of the Xponent Pearl; with the Xponent, Gold Label, and Phaze 5. But also have couple of balls from Brunswick as well to compare it too. Would really love to see how the shaping difference in the 2 Xponents( if there is really any difference in the actual cover stocks besides surface numbers).

    1. @@BowlersRant Yes, but those “other” 2 pearls are important too as well for comparison. The reason being core shape too “cover stock” comparisons. Cause I have a feeling the 702 formula is either the same as 701 or extremely different. So think Phaze II vs Phaze V, core shape in the rolls is the same, but the ball shape are completely different even at the same surface since they’re different cover stock formulas.

  2. Another ball you discussed coming here was the DNA Coil. Hope that one, and this Attention Star, are still set to appear soon. They are actually making me hold off on buying any of the balls that were just released. Great stuff, Chris!

    1. @JackandTom-tz8kj Same here. I have a fresh DNA stored away in my closet …. and vowing NOT to drill it up until the DNA Coil comes out for the one two punch ….. that is IF it comes out. Sure, I can get one overseas to the tune of $300 or a bit more …. but hoping to see it stateside ….. There IS a video of it on You Tube … Koreans throwing it, along with one of Belmo and Daria throwing it as well in a shootout challenge of sorts ….

  3. When you talk about the RST X-2, that’s is my ABSOLUTE all time favorite bowling ball. I can assure you that the Attention Star will be even better. But as of now, the RST X2 will remain my favorite ball.

  4. They changed the core a touch its 017 asym for here and 011 overseas. I have the t and had like 4 of the others. It was a touch stronger Rubicon line.

  5. On the Hammer side, i just got the latest edition of BJ, and on the back cover is an ad for The Black Widow 3.0 and the Scorpion Low Flare,. However, not on the website and not on the approved ball list. Any info?

    1. Yes, I’ve been talking about them all week on FB. Brunswick isn’t super happy with me at the moment.

    2. @BowlersRant  hey it’s on the back cover of Bowlers Journal. It’s fair game as far as I’m concerned lol

  6. I want to get the harsh reality but I don’t know we’ll be good on my house shot also looking at the attention star

  7. CB the core on the Attention Stat is that hockey puck and flip ? Thank you for your work of giving us first word on all balls.

    1. No problem. There are a ton of videos on the attention series on YouTube from Korea and Japan. Check them out.

  8. Asymmetric weight block with an AI core is the god tier of bowling balls. I’ll be intrigued if a urethane ball gets an AI core in the future.

  9. Nice sneak peak Chris! I was curious about the original Xponent Pearl, so I am even more curious about this next one. Looking for a ball in between my Phaze 2 and Hustle M-M. The Duo hasn’t been “suiting my eye” lately.

    1. I feel this. Not sure how strong the new xponent will be compared to
      Hustles (which punch way above its price point)

  10. xponent pearl is the ball i’d buy
    harsh reality looks nicest to me but it’d hook at the arrows and migrate to a new lane if i dared buy it
    attention star looks too muted for my tastes. i like the large blocks of contrasting colour so i know what the ball’s doing

    i’m astonished xponent pearl and harsh reality are US releases with those names. reality could have changed names now it’s switched to AI. now they have to keep finding less dumb combos that work with the word reality

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