Asymmetrical Balls | The Who, The What, The When

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Welcome back to the #RadicalRundown!

Today, Phil shares an overview on asymmetrical bowling balls and all the questions that come along with them. Who should use them, when to use them, what layouts may work best for each player.

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7 Comments on “Asymmetrical Balls | The Who, The What, The When”

  1. My wife her asym was hook stop – rolling out real early angle so I drilled her a classic symmetrical and now she’s killing it. Very forgiving like that for her. Now I wanna try a big strong sym

  2. Good information, but a lot to absorb in short video. Is there anyone at your company to put together a short document on the subject?

  3. what about high rev low speed? (ie a new two handed bowler) I got my high score of 233 with the conspiracy scheme throwing slow and getting around the ball a lot. That ball was a hand me down so it was already pretty old when i got it, and im not sure what to replace it with.

  4. This is extremely valuable information for me as I have two 3-ball bags, one is Asymmetrical balls, the other Symmetrical balls. Knowing when to throw each type is crucial .. thank you!

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