Arsenal For The 2022 USBC Open Championships! How To Prepare For Nationals!

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In todays video we are going over what bowling balls I will be bringing to the 2022 USBC Open Championships!

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18 Comments on “Arsenal For The 2022 USBC Open Championships! How To Prepare For Nationals!”

  1. If I was going to national this is my arsenal !Q Tour solid, zen, HyRoad pearl, nova , hammer 3-d offset, infamous

  2. Just bowled my first nationals and it hooked a ton more than I expected. There was an out of bounds but if you executed, the shots were playable.

  3. Shot is soft. If you must, only bring 1 big solid, none of mine made it out of the bag. Coming from a down and in perspective…

  4. Question why would you move off the nine to me that’s the line just bad luck. The Zen all day long…!!! Lol Good luck 👍 and say hi to Luke for me and Angel if she’s there. Last thought the Zen Soul if available makes the bag

  5. Burner Pearl would give you a little more kick on the back end but you know that I’m sure

  6. I went the beginning of this month and the nova for team looked amazing. Rstx2 was also amazing in singles/doubles when they broke down.

  7. I wish I would have taken my Burner Solid. My best look was with Hyroad Pearl. Zen would have been a better option than Helios or Dark Code for me.

  8. do you have thumb inserts on your ball? My pro shop just drilled a thumb hole and I find myself squeezing a bit

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