Are You Excited For The Storm Fate?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe #storm

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Storm Fate Has me excited!

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16 Comments on “Are You Excited For The Storm Fate?! #shorts #bowling #subscribe #storm”

    1. @Luis Napoles they do this thing at the alley I go to where if you bowl league you can try out new balls and I’m hoping this is one of those I can try out!

    2. I’m looking forward to throwing this ball being rev dominant myself. I don’t usually score well with urethane

  1. I really don’t need it but I WANT IT BAAAAAAAAD. Who doesn’t want the ball. Your shot looks so great!

  2. I need it and I need it really freakin badly… I have been nothing but excited since they teased it and I check everything for someone to get their hands on it before release date!

    1. what does it being a pearl balm ball have anything to do with anything LOL plus there’s only been 2 pearl balm balls
      Timeless: R2S Hybrid
      Drive: Nano Hybrid
      Pro Motion: Spec Solid
      Trend: R2S Pearl
      Trend 2: NRG Hybrid
      Fate: REX Pearl

  3. Nope I don’t want it. Not sure why it came out so closely in duration to the Night Road and Phase V. They’re all in the same slot and too similar. Same range also as the Dark Moss. I think it will do well just because it’s a Belmo ball but otherwise by characteristics it’s not special

    1. see I think you’re mostly wrong I dont think it fits into the same slot as either the night road or the PV and I think its stronger than the dark moss

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