Are ball reps an unfair advantage?

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5 Comments on “Are ball reps an unfair advantage?”

  1. Your pro shop guy basically becomes the ball rep in their specific center because they are typically knowledgeable as to what the shot is and what types of bowling balls you should be using. Then it is up to you to perform based on the info given. This means JR could be a virtual ball rep inside Waterford Lanes since he knows what the shot is and how the lanes play. It helps not only the bowler but also the pro shop as it could lead to ball sales.

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  3. So, unfair? I wouldn’t go as far to say that per say. But however, what I would say is what they see can trigger an idea thought in someone to better help their game. You’ve said it before, 1 frame late on a move can be too late. I think that’s what ball reps help with. Watching blocks and break downs, they can help eliminate earlier mistakes(Blocks B and C) and potentially help with making a move faster in late blocks.

    Also, as you’ve said, someone to talk to, helps stimulate a thought, that can be enough to keep someone on the show, or someone to rise and make it

  4. This doesn’t have anything to do with video but I have couple Questions. I am a bowler that basically just getting back into bowling I am not a high rev bowler . I don’t bowl tournaments at least not yet, what is best bang for the buck as for as bowls go? Second could you do video on terminology in bowling I watch videos and I hear this ball
    Rolls or slides thru oil or the ball
    Is cleaner than others. What is this? I can tell difference?

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