ANOTHER 300 While Filming!!! My Favorite Solid Bowling Balls That Are Still Available!

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The Storm !Q Tour Solid, Storm Phaze 2 and the Roto Grip Gem are the ABSOLUTE best solids I have in my arsenal and here's why! Was even able to pop off 300 while filming!

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13 Comments on “ANOTHER 300 While Filming!!! My Favorite Solid Bowling Balls That Are Still Available!”

  1. I love my IQ. I got it 2 years ago and have bowled 4 300’s with it. I will be getting a Phaze 2 this week. Can’t wait to throw it.

  2. Im getting my GEM today with a 2LS layout on it ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    What is your strike ball speed?? Trying to see if I will have a similar ball reaction to yours..

  3. I’ve been loving my Crux Prime lately. I put it at 1,000 grit stand at 15 throw it to 5, last two weeks at league 732,736.

  4. Does the pin down Gem give you a totally different look than using something just a little weaker drilled pin up ?

  5. Storm Axiom has been my favorite solid ball. It digs in early for me, but also provides a lot of hook at the end of the pattern, itโ€™s very versatile

  6. I have to ask you how did you choose the Gem from the Reality , Proton and Nova which I have as your best solid. Iโ€™ve watched all your videos and you had the same feelings. Based on that why would the Gem for the money be a ball that would make my bag

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