1. @ns45beastatPSN sure has, first a new PhysiX and now a NeX solid with similar numbers. Proton will probably be discontinued in the next few months

    1. @Bowlers Rant the last time before this new ball release, the only reference to Azure was in the movie Joe Dirt. When Christopher Walkens character was talking to David Spade about his deceased wife.

  1. Some of Storm’s new releases have been a little confusing to me. For example the Infinite Physix. It has the same cover as the Dark Code and fairly similar core numbers. Now the Super Nova, which has the same cover as the Proton Physix and very similar core numbers. It’s like they are running out of ideas and keep recycling the same balls.

    That being said… the Super Nova does look amazing

    1. Yeah they pretty much have a lot of the formulas down not doing much drastic innovation. Pretty much every company has a ball (or multiple balls) that fit the same spots but they just cycle out the names and make minor ‘improvements’ to keep the sales increasing. I’m not complaining I just do a lot of research before I get a ball because I want something that will last and fit my game

    2. On paper things may look the same but not in reality. “Fairly similar core numbers?” when you are talking about tenths, hundreds and thousandths a seeming “fairly similar,” number makes a huge difference. The dark code and infinite are miles apart on the lanes. If someone only bowls house shot, all balls blend together. Not the case on sport shots. Can tell already, this may be able to replace the proton but doesn’t roll like the proton.

  2. Cool video talk tech bowling storm super nova with Nano technology in the bowling ball more strike and spare hitting power at time bowlers rant Chris beans

  3. a more “male” proton basically. i don’t see the proton or the dark being around too much longer since they both got directly replaced. would have liked to have seen a new NEX pearl personally

  4. dont like this. the proton is loved by many and this ball repainted clone for the sake of greed. no respeckt for storm on this one

    1. “Repainted clone, huh. Proton is 2.48, .053, .017. Super nova is 2.49, .052,.019. May look similar on paper but when something’s starts being measured by hundredths, 1-2 thousandths difference is significant. On house shot they may look the same… Every ball looks the same on house shot though. Get on sport shots and that 1-2 thousandths will make a big difference.

    2. @DonkeyDieHard when core stat are so close on the same cover it will be not much diffrence. i bet they will be so close you wont spot them a part in real time, i guess you need video to see any diffrense.

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