1. I’d take the Sun Storm, I’m a lefty and nor much need for a big pearl ball. I have an IQ tour nane pearl that does me right.

    1. @Bowlers Rant I can agree with you there! I also had alot of success with the pearl Optimus. Wish they would bring that core back

  2. I’d buy 2 of the Sun Storms mainly because I love that it’s the same number as my ol faithful IQ Tour

  3. I like the fate ball but however, because we are already referring to it as a belmo ball I will not be buying it. Getting tired of good perals being classified as a belmo ball, that won’t make me want to buy it.

  4. I have been bowling years with my go-to ball, Storm Rocket (orange /black) . At USBC Nationals in July , I was told, if I resurface it one more time and the STORM logo, (which is almost erased from the ball) that it would not pass as a legal tournament ball. From what you say is true the the FATE will be in the Rocket series, then I am all in. Been waiting for Storm to replicate the Rocket. I would also drill it pin down for my speed dominate style of bowling. At 72 I am still learning the game which I have done since 1968. Rule haven’t changed much but lanes and bowling balls have which makes for higher scores and various patterns that make competition in this sport great.

    1. I’m not saying the Fate is in the rocket series, simply saying the core design looks based on the core from the rocket series. But it will be clean and provide a strong shape down lane….many will be very happy

  5. The Fate looks good. Not sure if it is tailored to 2 handers. I think I’d go for the P5 if I was in the market for a new pearl symmetrical. My next ball is going to be the OG HyRoad. I have some high Diff balls and need something a little less aggressive.

  6. The Fate looks cool, not a big fan of Belmo balls. Owned both Red and yellow sunstorm back in the day.. definately awesome….whats the price on sunstorm?

  7. I’d like to see more overseas release videos. Lots of stuff coming out that we don’t get in the states

    1. I cover quite a bit of overseas stuff actually, so you definitely are at the right place. Was actually going to drop an overseas video but then this accountant happened

  8. I have the rayzer hammer and the raw hammer burn. both 12 years old. moving up 2morrow and getting the fate in 16lb.. (I’m more accurate) but can’t wait!

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