25 Comments on “Analyzing Your Pin Action and Carry – #RadicalRundown”

  1. Always great to hear someone explain this! Watching the ball and pin action will tip you off on staying ahead of the move. Awesome video and topic!

  2. Tell us more about the swishy and light hit….myself, a swishy is rare while I watch others live by it at times. Why so? Thanks for the great info

  3. Love watching your videos. I sometimes forget how important it is to keep watching my ball, the whole time.

  4. Thanks for this info. New to bowling but know that flat ten n wrap ten meant u needed to change something just never knew what. Thanks for clearing this up.

  5. My man’s out here improving averages and knowledge. Not enough people provide this kind of analysis. Much appreciated 🙏

  6. I understand this and it’s great info. Unfortunately the lane oil machine at my Bowlero is junk. You don’t get any good or consistent conditions to work with.

  7. Huge info! Mandatory review at the minimum three times. So critical that it is essential for 100% comprehension.

    The flat 10 is an epidemic phenomenon that causes universal hardship. Yet, despite the pain 85% of recreational bowlers are ignorant about the pathology of flat 10 pin deck dynamics.

    What 😮 you missed it?

    Stop, drop, and roll.

    Low ball energy. Move left to enable the ball to skid further down lane to retain ball rotation momentum. Or select a bowling ball that has a pearl coverstock.

    Big standing ovation to Radical Bowling.

  8. Outstanding video! And thank you for explaining some terminology I didn’t really fully understand.

  9. Thank you for that excellent explanation of what to do with the different 10 pin outcomes. What is the adjustment (if any) for a ball that deflects right and doesn’t exit the pin deck splitting the 8-9?

    1. Ball is burning up too soon. Move feet to the left to get into more oil so the ball stores energy longer and continues through the pins properly. Or as he stated in the video ball down and stay in the same spot.

  10. You should have a part 2 detailing high 4 pins and flush 7 pins hit this video was a good explanation of proper ball angle and the 6 pins job on the 10 pin

  11. Great summary! Some very helpful things to look for and how to react to improve carry and strike percentage.

  12. Got a topic for you Sir. I am being told at my shop that you can have 2 different PAPs depending on if you throw Sym vs Asym. Something you have ever heard of?

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