Alpha Jackal Vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison

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What's going on my YouTube fam?!? Today I have a BANGER for you guys!! I have a in depth comparison between two of Motiv's biggest hooking balls the Alpha Jackal and the Jackal Flash!! PLEASE let me know if you guys are liking these 2 ball comparisons!!

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49 Comments on “Alpha Jackal Vs Jackal Flash | In Depth Comparison”

  1. I say to myself “Lou says I should get the Desert Tank, I’m gonna get that.” Then you come out with a video with the Jackal Flash and get me confused again.

    1. UnderdogStories Absolutely not trying to confuse you!! My position maintains 100% if the gutter is hooking Iโ€™m still throwing the Desert Tank 1000000% now if the gutter isnโ€™t hooking and I need to bend it a little Iโ€™m in the Jackal Flash !

  2. My Alpha Jackel has been too much ball for me lately. Mainly because I’m not in lesgue yet until this winter, and I’ve been bowling on used conditions. Going today for a test drive event, will let you know what rocks I come home with. Lol!

  3. I have the Alpha and love it…won’t get the Jackal cause I’m only in one house this season and Motiv will likely have something new and awesome next year…great comparison video with good explanation

  4. SO many people out there (including myself) have the Ghost. Would it be possible to get a comparison between the Flash and the Ghost? Thanks Lou, love the videos.

    1. Scott Barnes itโ€™s something Iโ€™m def working on !! The Ghost is going to be a little bit earlier and a little bit smoother compared to the Flash !

  5. I picked up the “Alpha Jackal” about 2 or 3 months ago from a friend of mine, but I have yet to roll it on the lanes due to the fact that all of the bowling centers here in California (were I live) are closed due to the covid19 laws.
    But you know that I can’t wait to roll it.
    You know that the “Jackal Flash” will be a part of my “Motiv Weapons of Mass Destruction” very soon.

    1. chbowler11 The alpha will be more ball and smoother than the Golden, the Jackal Flash will also be more ball and be significantly more angular than the Golden. In my original Jackal Flash review I compared the Flash to the Golden!

  6. I don’t have either at the moment but I really like how you compare the two awesome balls. But I can’t wait to roll my TankBiltz the Desert Tank looks good as well. Great Motiv content keep up the good work. Always Motivated

    1. I appreciate the kind words Fred!! The blitz and desert are so good and very unique balls! Everyone knows I LOVE the desert haha

  7. I have the alpha and love it have it high pin I’m getting the flash today low pin can’t wait to see how it rolls.

    1. Thank you that ball is so smooth and with the pin down it grab mid lane so good I really felt like I could not miss I think alot if people will love this ball.

  8. Finally got my Flash drilled last week and it along with the Supra are my favorite balls by Motiv. I honestly felt I like I couldn’t miss with the Flash.

  9. Iโ€™m looking to add a Jackal to my bag. I already have a Trident Nemesis and a Rip Cord Flight. Which of these two Jackals would you recommend to round out my bag? Thanks!

    1. I would lean towards the Alpha because you already have 2 balls in your bag that create shape. Need that Big smooth ball in the bag

  10. I picked up the Alpha Jackal two weeks ago (used it twice now in league) and I’m definitely a fan. With the COVID crap we’re forced to have an early shift and a late shift (and we’re the only team bowling on the pair). As a result there is quite a bit of oil, even on the second shift. What’s nice about the Alpha is I don’t have to worry, as I did earlier in the year, if it’s going to hook and get back to the pocket. This ball definitely does that. Like you mention, in a lot of your videos, it comes down to what you like your eyes to see when the ball is going down the lane. I have always preferred a nice smooth hook over a huge angular motion. I just feel I can control the ball a little bit better. After just 6 games I give the ball two thumbs up and am looking forward to getting some more games under my belt with it.

    1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this comment !! Yes what your eyes like to see is prob the most important part! I am glad you’re matching up with the Alpha!!

  11. I’ve been looking into the idea of a short pin reactive to start my lineup with for flatter conditions and to breakdown the lanes. Do you think the solid jackals like the alpha or the ghost could fit well into this role?

    I love your content and picked up the fatal venom based off your videos

    1. Oh nice well I appreciate that! I would go with a short pin reactive if youโ€™re looking for something on the Fresh to play a little straighter yea. So for me personally I only like short pin balls on strong cover symmetrical balls. So something like the Forge or Forge Flare even the Ripcord Flight would be great

  12. Why doesn’t the jackal rising not get much love?? I have it and love it as I do all jackals. Fast and hard and it snaps the back end. I have been thinking about the flash since our lanes breakdown quickly

    1. For me I didn’t love the Predator V3 core in it at all. Plus it has been discontinued for quite some time so it’s unlikely to get a lot of film time right now you know

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