11 Comments on “Adjusting To Transition On Sport Shots – #RadicalRundown”

  1. “Practice. Instead of playing a house shot up 10, go play the house shot around 4th arrow until you break it down. Play the part of the lane that is more like a sport shot.”

  2. Thanks Phil! This was a good episode that really will help my practice.. I appreciate the words of wisdom!

  3. Brilliant recommendations. I especially liked the idea of practicing in the flat area of a house shot to break it down like a sport shot.

  4. Can you either use less slang or explain things a little more? It’s hard for us newbie to follow… Go play board 5… What does that mean? Or it’s easy to out to the dry spot to find more hook?

    1. The lane is made up of 39 boards. There are dots/arrows every 5 boards. If you’re right-handed you count from the right. Left-handed count from the left. 4th arrow would be board 20, center of the lane.

      The dry spot is at the edge of the oil pattern where there’s less/no oil and you encounter more friction.

  5. great topic and advice. everyone has the ‘will to win’ but what you’re saying is “you’ve got to have the will to PREPARE to win” 👍

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